Quality Translations

Rapid Translation is very much focused on quality because we know how important for you to have technically correct and natural sounding translation. We only work with translation experts that we trust who have minimum 5 years experience while continuing to reject commonly used occasional, cheap and inexperienced translators. You can be assured of a quality end product as we adhere to a strict code of conduct. At Rapid Translation we are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best translation service. To achieve this, we monitor quality in a number of ways such as proof-reading of translation, cross checking of translation, spell checking. We achieve high quality by following some rules:


Accurately matching the original document as closely as possible, making sure the exact meaning is given


Using the full range of the target language to convey every little point in detail while ensuring that the essence of the source language is retained


Capturing all the subtle and cultural nuances necessary to make an impact in your target language

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